Do you have a story to tell?

Have you got an inspirational story? If so, I can help you tell it in a sensitive and positive way.

Stories I'm always on the look out for:
  • Small business/crafts
  • Have you set up an original new business?
  • Have you set up a business with friends or family?
  • Have you changed direction in your career?
  • Have you retrained in a new skill, art or craft?
  • Are you a craftsperson or artist with a strong personal story to tell?
Lifestyle/ trends
  • Have you undergone a dramatic lifestyle change?
  • Have you reinvented yourself after a personal crisis?
  • Do you have an unusual job or hobby?
Relationships/ Friendship
  • Do you have a relationship or friendship that has overcome huge challenges or even prejudice?
  • Have you found love late in life?
  • Have you found love in an unusual way?
  • Did you have a stylish and original wedding?
  • Did you have a disaster on your wedding day?
  • Have you overcome a health ordeal?
  • Do you suffer from a rare medical condition or illness?
  • Do you have a spouse or child who suffers from a rare medical condition?
  • Has a medical condition inspired you to change your life for the better?

Catherine Butler
Phone: 07595 993 222